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Queens Veterinary Services


Board your animal(s) with us and rest assured that they will not only be pampered but that they will be under the direct observation of your veterinarian. Animals must be up to date on all vaccinations (including Bordatella or kennel cough vaccination) and they must be on flea and tick preventative. New visitors are required to have a pre-boarding examination. These precautions are for the safety and health of both your pet and their neighbors in the hospital.

Cats have their own private boarding room. Here they are completely isolated from the sights, smells and noises of the hospital’s dogs.

Special diets, medications and treatments can be given to your pets by our experienced hospital staff. A complimentary bath is given to our visitors who stay with us for a week or more. Rest-assured that they will go home in better shape then when they came in.


Our dental machine is equipped with an ultrasonic scaler and polisher and a high speed drill. This in combination with our digital dental x-ray unit allows us to routinely perform cleanings, dental exams, surgical extractions, root-planing and gingival resection. Dr. Carmichael, Long Islands only board-certified veterinary dentist, has personally come to our facility in Queens to train our veterinarians. While under anesthesia for dental procedures your pet receives the same anesthetic monitoring that he/she would for the most in-depth surgical procedure.


The North Shore Animal Hospital is equipped to treat and handle a full compliment of your pets dermatologic needs. Our in-house lab allows us to quickly diagnose and treat bacterial and fungal disease, ectoparasites such as demodectic and scabetic mange, ear problems and allergy testing/shots. We have a full line of shampoos, ointments and flea and tick preventatives.


The North Shore Animal Hospital is equipped to treat and handle most of your pet’s eye care. We have the ability to diagnose and treat glaucoma, conjunctivitis and uveitis. We also routinely perform ophthalmologic surgery such as entropion/ectropion surgery, cherry-eye repair, conjuncival flaps and enucleations. In addition we regularly correct congenital eyelid malformations of breed such as the Shar-pei, English Bulldog, and Cane Corso. We consult with Dr. John Sapienza for cataract surgery and advanced opthalmology cases.

Internal Medicine

Our in-house blood analyzers allow us to quickly assist our experienced veterinarians in diagnosing and treating your pets medical problems. Diseases such as Addisons Disease, Cushings Disease, complicated and un-complicated diabetes mellitus are just a few of the diseases routinely diagnosed and treated right here in our facility. We routinely consult with Dr. Pat Hopper who is a board-certified internist and is a pioneer in veterinary ultrasound and internal medicine.


Our surgical suite is second to none. Most surgeries are performed by our experienced veterinary surgeons. Abdominal and thoracic surgery, eye surgery, perianal surgery, total ear canal ablations and a full compliment of orthopedic procedures such as fracture repair and cranial cruciate repair are just a few examples of what we do.

While under anesthesia our patients are monitored with top of the line anesthetic monitoring equipment including pulse oximetry, blood pressure analyzers, EKG and temperature probes. Our patients are recovered under the watchful eye of our trained technical staff.

Radiology & Cardiology

Our in house x-ray machine allows us instantaneous images to assist us in diagnosing and treating your pet.

In addition we have a brand new ultrasound machine and EKG that allows us to interface with board-certified radiologists and cardiologists who can assist us in diagnosing and tailoring treatment to your pet.

About Us

At the North Shore Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing you with the finest veterinary care. We are conveniently located in Bayside, New York, and are just minutes from Forest Hills, Flushing and College Point. Because of our extensive capabilities, our clients visit us from all of Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and beyond.

We routinely update our facility to provide your pet access to the latest veterinary medical advances in a comfortable and compassionate setting. In addition, we have a strong support staff of trained technicians, knowledgeable receptionists and we consult regularly with leading specialists.

We invite you to visit our animal hospital and encourage you to register and to become an interactive member of our website.